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The IFSI has grown into one of the premier fire training, education and research institutions in the world – training and educating firefighters in Illinois and abroad. Darley recently helped to fund IFSI’s Leadership Development and Decision-Making Conference (March 2014). The conference and the associated changes in how we train and educate leadership in the fire service is a major fire service initiative in Illinois that is also garnering national attention. It is designed to institutionalize leadership development and decision-making training and education in the fire service. Darley is a key partner and supporter of this important effort.

Darley and IFSI also formed a partnership to support fire service education and fire engineering information sharing as co-sponsors of the 28th annual in FIRE Conference (May 2014) at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China. IFSI has also hosted many Chinese training delegations at its state-of-the-art training facilities in Champaign, IL. Darley has committed to continue to work closely with IFSI on China training initiatives. According to Royal Mortenson, Director of IFSI, “Darley’s commitment to the IFSI and the fire service, at home and abroad, is an example of a strong corporate partner committed to improving the safety of our firefighters and our communities.”