Darley Podcast: Episode 11 - Jim Darley

Jim has worked at Darley for over 20 years. Before becoming a salesman at Darley, Jim was employed in the social work industry. Jim has a master’s in social work and administration from Jane Adams. Paul Darley convinced Jim to join the Darley team when James Long switched over to the equipment division. Jim trained with Troy Carothers on Compressed Air Foam Systems and traveled the U.S demonstrating them.

Jim has specialized in pump sales at Darley, particularly Fast Attack Skids. They are self-contained firefighting apparatus they are a tank, a reel, and a pump. These units can go on any type of commercial video that can handle the weight and dimensions. The Fast Attack Skidscan be used as a budget option if a department can’t afford a full fire apparatus. The Fast Attack Skids can also be used for small fires where a quick response would be necessary.

For more information on Jim Darley and CAFS check out Darley.com