Darley Has a Powerful Lineup for 2021 FRI and FDIC

It’s been over a year since the Darley team has been on the trade show floor and able to demonstrate our products directly to attendees. Both FRI and FDIC are coming up in the next few weeks and we are eager to see you there. FRI will be held this year in Charlotte, NC, July 28-31, and FDIC will be held in Indianapolis, IN, the following week, August 5-7th. Will you be at either event?

Darley has over 300 pump models, and we’re bringing four of our most popular to FRI. The new Darley TSM 2000 is the most compact, durable and efficient 2000 GPM pump on the market. Designed by experts in fluid dynamics, every part on the pump is machined to be long-lasting in rough conditions. It features the Darley MagnaTrans™ transmission which has a silicon carbide mechanical seal and a gearbox that will handle 19,230 ft-lbs of torque. Its gears are helically cut, and the impeller is vacuum-cast to eliminate porosity and dynamically balanced to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

In addition to the TSM 2000, we’ll also have an EM 2000. We call it an EM 2000, but Darley’s two-stage, midship-mounted pump is now rated to 2250 GPM and 600 GPM at 600 psi. The EM also comes in a 1000 GPM version.

The LDMX-MT is our flagship midmount pump with double suction for efficient operation in a compact design. The “MT” stands for MegaTrans™, the Darley transmission that is the most powerful available. And the version we’ll have on display at both FRI and FDIC allows the apparatus manufacturer to install their own discharge manifold, reducing weight and cost to the end user. The LDM ranges from 1000 to 1750 GPM and is 20% smaller and lighter than our competitors’ pumps at the same flow rate.

Our ZSM pump, often used in industrial and ARFF operations, is the highest flowing midship pump available on the market in a very compact package. It has ratings from 2500 to 3000 GPM (3500 GPM is available for fireboats) and features the Darley MegaTrans™, which like the MagnaTrans has silicon carbide mechanical seals and parts machined for long life and serviceability.

In addition to our pump products, Darley will be showcasing some of our technology at FDIC and FRI as well. The new DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced drone has both a 640 x 512px thermal-imaging camera and a 48MP visual camera and is capable of centimeter-level positioning with RTK. It’s a compact drone that offers you sightlines over your entire incident area. Multiple accessory packages are available depending on your intended use. Darley can help you determine the right drone tool for your needs and develop a program to maximize its benefit.

One of the other technology products that we’re bringing to both events is our FLAIM Trainer™. The FLAIM Trainer is on the cutting edge of firefighter instruction. By combining virtual reality, multi-sensory physical interfaces, real fire science, biometric performance, real-time data capture and analysis, and a safe and controlled environment, firefighters have the opportunity to train on real fire behavior without the danger, cost and carcinogen exposure of a live fire event. The trainer can choose from a library of possible scenarios and the FLAIM suit and mask simulate the heat, sound and sight of the fire. Biometric data as well as response is measured so a firefighter can receive individual feedback immediately from their trainer.

You can also see a set of Fire-Dex® TECGEN71 turnout gear in the Darley booth. TECGEN71 is one of the coolest things to happen to turnout gear—literally! It’s an outer shell fabric for structural firefighting gear that is designed to lessen heat stress by reducing weight and increasing flexibility. It combines the durability of Kevlar®/Nomex® with a PFAS-free water-repellent finish. TECGEN71 has increased both breathability and thermal protection over standard turnout gear. It’s available now through eDarley.com.

If you’re coming to FDIC, you’ll have the chance to see a few other products that are making the trip to Indianapolis with us.

The Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket smothers a car fire in less than 20 seconds. While we aren’t planning on any demos in the booth, we do have a great video that shows how the blanket isolates a fire by instantly starving it of oxygen. It’s perfect for departments that cover highways and even rural roads. Blocking at a roadway incident helps, but the less time first responders have to spend on the road, the less time they’re potentially in harm’s way.

We’re also going to bring along an EMILY rescue system, which keeps rescuers safe when trying to help someone in hazardous water conditions. It’s often dangerous for the rescuer when they try and help someone who is struggling or stranded in swift water or unknown water conditions. The EMILY protects the rescuer by keeping them on land and operates by remote control using line of sight technology. Additional accessories are available depending on your expected water conditions.

To round out our additional eDarley.com products that we’ll have at FDIC, we’re going to have a Key Hose Combat Sniper hose in the booth, which is precisely engineered and uniquely made. Its nitrile/PVC inner tube is extruded through the weave of its ring-spun staple polyester, making it long-lasting and resist kinking. It’s a perfect hose for tightly controlled water mapping and it will pack down in your hose bed with a 10-year warranty.

We’ll have a few other products on display at FDIC and we hope you’ll stop by our booth. At FRI in Charlotte, we’ll be in booth #16095, and at FDIC we’ll be in the convention center in booth #3557. We look forward to seeing you there!