Beyond the Buoy Technology ​​​​​​​Innovations for Managing Watersheds

Beyond the Buoy Technology ​​​​​​​Innovations for Managing Watersheds

​​​​​​​About This Repartee

Watersheds need to be managed in order to prevent pollution, achieve and sustain environmental improvements, and meet other goals important to the surrounding community.

Technology plays an important role in mitigating the deterioration of water quality in watersheds by addressing each of these EPA endorsed guiding principles:
- The people most affected by management decisions are involved throughout and shape key decisions;
- Activities are directed within specific geographic areas, typically the areas that drain to surface water bodies or that recharge or overlay ground waters or a combination of both;
- Application of sound management techniques based on strong science and data

What’s the topic of repartee discussion?
Hardware and software technologies, as well as business model innovations, that are increasing the richness of the data, democratizing the collection and consumption of data, and reducing the cost to effectively manage and positively impact the health of a watershed. This repartee will be of interest for anyone who is repsonsible for or interested in watershed health.

​​​Who are the participants?
Ed Verhamme, LimnoTech (Moderator)

Johnny Pujol, CEO , SimpleLab
John Higley, CEO, EQO
Ivan Lalovic, CEO, Gybe

Alex Johnson, Freshwater Fund Director, The Freshwater Trust
​​​Why should you spend an hour with us?
In this repartee, we have assembled a group of entrepreneurial executives who are bringing to market compelling new technologies that are helping improve the monitoring and management of watersheds. The unscriped discussion will cover where and how technologies are helping improve the ability to monitor the watershed health and allow communities to be more effective in managing the challenges of pollution, overuse, runoff, changing weather patterns, and more. You will have opportunities to ask questions of the participants using the chat functionality.
What is FLOW?
​​​​​​​FLOW is a media channel highlighting individuals who are entrepreneurial in addressing the world’s most pressing water/wastewater challenges. Spanning technology, engineering, research, policy, investment, and non-profit, the individuals recognized in FLOW have created something out of nothing, built a community, challenged the status quo, or simply exhibit a passion for some aspect of water/wastewater that has become their life’s work. ​Visit the FLOW YouTube page here.

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