Engine Driven

Darley Engine Driven Pump models are available with a wide variety of engines from Cummins, Deutz, Ford, GMC, Kubota and John Deere.

HSE Pumps

The HSE combines a product with over 50 years of fire industry service (the HE pump) and a new impeller to give the ultimate single stage pump designed for Wildland and Urban Interface performance demands capable of a 250 NFPA rating and pressures to 400 psi.

HE Pumps

The HE series pumps are rated at 250, 350 and 500 gpm @ 150 psi. HE pump design allows flexibility, as transmissions and pump casings can be rotated 360° to meet many applications.

JME Pumps

Two stage design allows for 500 gpm @ 150 psi, and pressures up to 600 psi. JME pumps are ideal for pump and roll applications that call for high flow and high pressure needs.

KSE Pumps

Rated from 500, 750 and 1000 gpm @ 150 psi, the KSE pump is a compact solution for pump and roll pumper applications.

LSE Pumps

The LSE uses many of the same castings as our popular LDM series pumps, allowing us to reduce the costs through mass customization. Rated up to 1000 gpm, the LSE pump offers plenty of capacity to flow over 1200 gpm in most applications.

PSE Pumps

The PSE is the perfect pump for large separate engine pumpers, industrial trailers, or crash trucks.

ZSE Pumps

Darley’s ZSE is the highest flowing Engine Driven Pump in the market, with ratings from 2500-3500 gpm. The ZSE has excess capacity which is available to be tapped with large engines for even higher flow ratings while maintaining firefighting pressures. The Darley ZSE, coupled to a 500 hp engine, allows Darley to provide flows of 3500 gpm @ over 160 psi.


For any questions or help in selecting the right type of pump for your needs, please contact us at 1-800-4Darley to speak with a customer representative, or email any questions to jimdarley@darley.com